The Rusking Moments

Happiness in a Bite Milk Rusk

Light and Crispy, sweet and tasty, every bite of Parliament Milk Rusk is packed with a delightful punch. It is the perfect accompaniment with your morning cuppa or a glass of milk. It has the richness of milk. Parliament Milk Rusk is manufactured using the choicest of ingredients and matches the high standards of hygiene and quality mandated by international agencies. The end product, therefore, is light, crispy, healthy and boasts of a divine flavo`ur that’s absolutely unique.

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Snack on Track Suji Rusk

The perfect snack for health conscious people. Parliament light and crispy Suji Rusk has the right amount of sweetness, flavour and crunch to make every bite a sheer joy. Made from high quality suji flour and a dash of cardamom, every Suji Rusk is baked to perfection and packed at our state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that the highest quality reaches our customers. It tastes divine when you have it with tea, coffee or milk and can also eaten with a spread of butter, cheese or cream. So get your fill of Parliament Suji Rusk.

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Live, Love, Bake

Can you think of any other moment that’s as exciting as baking with your sister? We do love to cook, but let’s face it, there’s nothing else that’s as exciting as baking some quick bites with your sister. Most of us think rusks can be supplemented with tea or coffee, seriously?

There’s a lot more than you can actually make with rusks.

Afternoon Tea Party

Sitting in an armchair and enjoying afternoon tea is a fine British tradition. Throwing your own afternoon party means you can choose what all you want to make. However, afternoon parties are more of quick bites. Not too many people know that we can make some really awesome recipes from rusk. What’s better than some rusk bites with pizza topping?

Take a rusk and apply a layer of pizza topping and keep it aside. Chop onions, small capsicum finely Put the chopped veggies on the rusk topping mixture. Add grated cheese, oregano and red chilli powder. Preheat the microwave at 110 degree for 1 minute. When it beeps place the tray inside and set again at 110 degree for 2 minutes. A nice crunchy rusk bite is easy to serve. Easy to cook, hard to forget!

The Cookies Moments

Bundle of Joy Biscuits and Cookies

Parliament butter delight cookies are superbly delicious and are made with rich and high quality butter. The cookie dough is kneaded with the finest ingredients to ensure that you enjoy great taste in every bite. The richness and goodness of butter clubbed with other ingredients make them melt in the mouth. These cookies can be paired with a cup of coffee or tea. And are perfect for get-togethers and other little festivities. They capture the spirit of the festive season. The shape, texture, look and taste are truly appealing.

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Your Hand in the Cookie Jar

How would you describe your favorite cookies or biscuits? The one that’s crispy and crunchy? Or the one that’s sweet? Well, whatever your preference may be, Parliament cookies and biscuits have the taste that can easily manipulate your mood. Imagine your evening tea with super delicious Parliament cookies or biscuits. Parliament biscuits and cookies recreate the childish memories, back in the days when kids have milk and cookies, when mom thrashed us for having tea with no substitutes, when kids fought for the last bite. We can relate every phase of our life with Parliament cookies and biscuits.

Setting the Scene

Fun or rational conversations, rusks complete it all. As we are so drowned with work, we find hard to sip a cup of tea and take some time solely for ourselves. That’s when we miss our rusking moments. Tea time is meant for all; friends, family, couple, it’s the perfect time to have conversations, create memories, switch back to the golden days and think of something that’s as pleasant as the setting that sets free all your hardships from the day.