Parliament butter delight cookies
Bundle of Joy Parliament butter delight cookies

Parliament butter delight cookies are superbly delicious and are made with rich and high quality butter. The cookie dough is kneaded with the finest ingredients to ensure that you enjoy great taste in every bite. The richness and goodness of butter clubbed with other ingredients make them melt in the mouth.

Taste that Tempts! Parliament Cashew crunch cookies

Mixing the crunchiness of cookies and the goodness of cashews , Parliament Cashew crunch cookies will create a delicious blast in your mouth. Share love and joy with cashew crunch cookies.

Parliament Cashew crunch cookies
Parliament Pista Almond cookies
An unavoidable combination Parliament Pista Almond cookies

The best combination ever! Parliament Pista Almond cookies definitely has the best combination of ingredients. The richness of almonds and pista makes these cookies flavourful and builds a sweet aroma in them.

Not the regular biscuits Parliament Marie biscuits

Parliament Marie biscuits are 100% vegetarian light biscuits made with wheat and holds great taste. Enjoyed best at tea time by all age groups. It's deliciously crispy in every bite.

Parliament Marie biscuits
Parliament Milk Delight Biscuits
It’s milky, it’s delightful! Parliament Milk Delight Biscuits

Parliament Milk Delight Biscuits are tasty and healthy as they are made from the goodness of milk. It has high vitamin and calcium content. It is perfect for your child's cookies craving. Team Parliament milk delight biscuits with milk and feed them for tea time.